I don’t own this piece of art. I borrowed from a friend of mine; Oliver Aligura who is a promising poet.

He is a real father figure, I see his silhouette in me
I grew up knowing he is the toughest guy on the planet
That he could save a burning moon all by himself
If only it were possible
Luckily, now I know it’s mission impossible
But still, he’s been the best
Despite the fact that he talks more with my guys than he talks with me
But it’s well, story for another day

Today is about respect, honour and celebrating him
Because he’s proved he’s the toughest down here
The waters he’s been through could have turned others out here into fish
But he chose to belong to the main land
And as he struggled to get out of the waters
I stuck to his leg, and now we are here
Watch us; it’s new times here

So you see, he’s the mastermind
And I’m the Jr. Master girl executing the operation
The operation of not getting stuck in the waters
And with the heart of a Stark and a mind of a Spartan, I expertly control my land and my waters
So now you know, I don’t just exist like atoms
I have a Principal in my school with no existing dorms
My principle, is to run the school
So if you ever feel your class is getting too high, I expel you like high school

That’s it, that’s the deal,
On my journey, I won’t hide from the deal
I’ll protect my own family like my own life
And I’ll inject them with wisdom that I would’ve gathered over time, from rolling my snow ball
They are lucky they got such a big and rich mind
But the glory belongs to 1st, The Almighty then to my big man, the mastermind
For being kind,
And nice and harsh when it was necessary
To this point, when I’m curved wood of a woman, from a girl,
And so far, my existence has been legendary

May he live long to receive daily special updates
Because from where we are, victory is coming up next
And then he’ll be appreciated appropriately,
We love him,
And I know he knows, that probably it’s going to take me a long time before I say that in person accordingly.

He’s the Dad I owe
And I’m the daughter in awe.

Published by Eudia

i have a passion in telling stories, its the bit writing that am worried about

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