My father never bought me a present. Not when I attained position one in my class, not on Christmas day and not even on my birthday. All presents came from my mother.

Growing up, I had this ill feeling about him for I felt he never loved me or either of my siblings. He always put on a serious face with little or no conversation with his family. We all feared him; well except my mother of course. He was the head teacher to our primary school and he transferred that strictness to our home.

As a toddler, he was always my best friend and every one knew that I was a daddy’s girl. I would always sit beside him and emulate whatever he was doing. According to my mum, I used to bully him. Well, all this came to an end as I grew up. I don’t really remember having any conversation with him hence we never bonded as father and daughter should. To me, there was no difference between him and and the absentee fathers.

Am grown up now and it dawned on me of how wrong I was. My father was and still is a quite man. He is one of those people who you will sit with for hours and not attempt to make any conversation. He is literally unsocial, if I can call it so. I have realized of how wrong I was because its not that he did not love us, he just doesn’t know how to pass it across. He is the kind of person who waits for someone else to start a conversation, then he expounds on it.

I have since thought about all the things he did for me without my knowledge. All the support he offered ranging from monetary to emotional. Not forgetting bringing me to this world. I am still a daddy’s girl to this day; even though i converse with my mum more often, I run to my dad first when am in real trouble. So today, I celebrate you daddy. Thank you for being my dad and for being my best friend. “My besto” as you call it. Your daughter loves you.

Published by Eudia

i have a passion in telling stories, its the bit writing that am worried about

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