She that has the strength of a lion and the heart of stark. The heroin of my past and my future. She is my worst enemy and yet my best friend.

She is the terror of our village.No one dares cross her and no one messes with her offspring. She is crazy and perfect at the same time

I fight with her and get mad at her. I make her angry and yet she still forgives me and soothes me. People say God created her from rocks and not mad as the rest of us.

She that cries when I cry, she that developed a heart of a rock for me to anchor on. The woman who is always far away from me yet so near in my heart.

photo credits to peetah photography

Whose beautiful heart I yearn to have, whose anger can demolish the mountains. A woman who protects me with all she’s got, my Cersei Lannister. She might not have fire, but she burns real bad

This is the woman I look up to. My heroin.The only one who loves me for who I am. My strength and my power. She calls me daughter, and I call her mummy.

Published by Eudia

i have a passion in telling stories, its the bit writing that am worried about

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