i have no rights to this story. I uploaded it from Facebook because it got me thinking and was hilarious. well, let me not be in awe alone

Robbers enter a house, ask for all the money and valuables.
After they collect what they can, they give the man of the house a gun with instructions to shoot his wife or else he be shot himself.The man gets the gun, points it at his wife and hesitates.
He is thinking of what he has gone through in life with his wife and how she has suffered and sacrificed for him.
He hands back the gun and says, “I am sorry I can’t do this…
“The boss of the robbers silently grabs the gun from him and passes it on to the wife with the same instruction.
The wife gets the gun and without any single hesitation points to her husband’s head and pulls the trigger.
But alas, the gun had no bullets in it. The robbers get their gun
and walk out of the house laughing.

I can’t imagine what happened next in that house

Published by Eudia

i have a passion in telling stories, its the bit writing that am worried about

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