Do you know how you wake up one day and you are in high spirit and you just know that that day was going to be perfect? That nothing could go wrong on that day? Well, I woke up today in a very good mood. I was all smiles to the extent that I had to question my sanity; everyone has those days I guess. I was sure that it was going to be a perfect day and to top it up all, it is a Friday or should we say FURAHI Day?

So I did what I had to do and was on my way to work. I love to keep busy in the bus; mostly to distract myself from thinking too much. So I removed the book am currently reading; courting in marriage, and buried myself in it .On reaching khoja round about, a police man boarded our bus and strolled through, to the end and back. This whole time, my mind was focused on the book and nothing else. I had noticed the man in blue but I didn’t think about him or anything else; so much for women can multitask. I was brought back to reality when he spoke up. Nani safety belt yake haifanyi?

Everyone tried quickly, helter-skelter tying their seat belts but it was too late for he had already seen us all. Only three people had tied their belts, the rest of us were culprits, more of criminals. The bus was turned around and we were headed for the police station. You have to understand I have never been in a police station let alone being arrested. So whatever was going through my head is unimaginable. I started coming up with ideas that will help save me from this mess. By the way the penalty is 5000 shillings. I will say I am a student so I can’t have that amount, part of me suggested. You don’t have a school ID dummy, the other part interjected. Well, I will say am sick and I am on my way to hospital. Just stop it, you don’t look sick. Think of something better. Why don’t you think of something yourself now that that you are a know it all. I was at war with myself but one thing I knew was that cowering would not help; I had to find a way to get out of trouble.

So to central police we went. I will not tell you what kind of lie I made up because it makes me feel like a horrible person. It was a white lie alright but it makes me question the difference between white and black. It’s only but a thin line between the two. To think that I have always convinced myself that white lies are the good kind of lies. All in all, I made up something that I never ever want to repeat again but got out of trouble. Truth be told, I think only the men got in trouble because their names were written down and they were moved to a separate room; probably kununua chai and then be forgiven. I now have a new resolution; always buckle up.

Published by Eudia

i have a passion in telling stories, its the bit writing that am worried about

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