I woke up sweating profusely. ‘Phew. It was only a dream,’ I sighed. I tossed my blanket to the wall and reached for my phone under the pillow. It was only 12:03 am. For some reason, I started having this feeling that someone was watching me. Fear crept in and my once sweaty body […]


When Jiji’s father died, we were all upset. He was a generous man and everyone at school loved him. He was one of our favourite parent; mainly because he always came bearing gifts for the whole class, but also because he was genuinely sweet and generous. I had benefited most from his generosity because I […]


Growing up, I used to see myself as a very ambitious person. I literally wanted to do everything. Well, apart from teaching. My father was a head teacher but he would always tell me that teachers were not useful; apart from him of course. Now that I have grown up, I know that he didn’t […]


Don’t get me wrong, I love my foster mother with all my heart. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but together with her love, she gave me something else I would never wish on any one. Not even on my worst of enemies. I carry around scars that I never […]

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